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Guests on Encanto Tropical

Guests were once a staple feature of my radio show. We had some great guests who added a special touch.

Encanto Tropical - DJ Angel Figueroa (World Salsa Radio)

Early on, there used to be four spotlights in a show, and the guest appeared in Spotlight 4 with an interview of sorts and their selection of three songs. Guests ranged from musicians to DJs and anyone in between -- just as long as there was a salsa connection. Other examples include dance instructors, record label owners, and festival-goers.

Encanto Tropical with DJ Angel Figueroa (World Salsa Radio)

I stopped having guests after Episode 20 due to time commitments, but I would like to revisit the show format in the near future. (The other 3 spotlights focused on new releases, Japanese Latin music, and covers of Cuban classics). For the highlight of the show (Spotlight 4), it was always fun connecting with"salsa personalities" from around the world and sharing what they had to say. I was especially interested in the guest's choice of three songs. This format I thought would be unique and a great way to engage listeners, but I was never sure...

I will give it another try. I have list of 'salsa personalities' I would like to welcome for a chat.

Encanto Tropical with DJ Angel Figueroa (World Salsa Radio)

And to listeners I ask: How about you? Who would you like to learn more about -- as a guest on Encanto Tropical?

But first, below is a gallery of all the guests so far on Encanto Tropical. The show highlights and replay link are both available -- just click on the image to access the post-show writeup (the replay link will be near the bottom of the page).

As always, I am grateful for listeners' support and keen for feedback. Contact me with any comments and your suggestions for a guest.

Encanto Tropical

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Sep 25, 2023

Keep up the great work.


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