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Encanto Tropical (WSR) 7

Now available for replay is "Encanto Tropical - Episode 7"... from July 14 2022 on WorldSalsaRadio, which includes a guest appearance by pioneering salsa instructor/performer/choreographer Ryoko Ohara (see link at the bottom of this page).

Encanto Tropical 7 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest: Ryoko Ohara

Show Highlights:
  • Introductory salsa set: ~40:30

  • Spotlight 1 (new salsa releases): 40:30~ featuring Fabio Gianni & DJ Max Cuba, Rey Montañez y su Conjunto Akangana, and Salsa 514.

  • Spotlight 2 (Latin music by Japanese artists): 53:38~ featuring Yoko, Aya Nakano y Central, and Tokyo Ska Paradise.

  • Spotlight 3 (Cuban classics): 1:08:35~ featuring cover versions by Franco et L'Orchestre OK Jazz, Soneros de Fe, and Nati y Su Charanga.

  • Spotlight 4 (guest showcase) 1:21:19~ Guest Ryoko Ohara shares her thoughts. She talks about her inspiration, favourite music, current projects, memorable experiences, and future plans; then I play 3 songs of her choice -- a great chance to learn about one of the pioneers in the Tokyo salsa dance scene.

  • Outro salsa set: 1:43:50~ featuring mostly older salsa.

Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 7

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Encanto Tropical returns on July 28th with guest musician/composer/producer Jan Reijnders, who in recent years has prodcued several unique and stunning salsa tracks (check out his Bandcamp page). Stay tuned for more details.

Encanto Tropical 8 (Guest: Jan Reijnders) with DJ Angel Figueroa (World Salsa Radio)


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