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Encanto Tropical is a radio show about salsa music, covering older and contemporary artists as well as a range of styles, with commentary and song attribution. There are three show formats for engaging listeners, while pre-show and post-show writeups are published for listeners' reference. I am your host broadcasting from Chiba, Japan.

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Encanto Tropical


2nd & 4th Thursdays


21:00日本時間 (12:00 UTC)

5 am Pacific / 8 am Eastern

13:00 Britain / 14:00 Central Europe

Encanto Tropical is just one of several programs hosted by World Salsa Radio, an internet radio station for Latin music enthusiasts. See the Program Description for details and check out the Archives for the full list of episode replays.


Oct 19 2023

Episode 28: DJ BoriQua Interview 

The theme is salsa from Puerto Rico, which sets the backdrop for an interview with DJ BoriQua, host of “Afincando con DJ BoriQua”... (25 tracks, 2:05:30)


Nov 10 2023

Episode 29

Encanto Tropical 29 bl 500.jpg

We continue the theme of salsa from Puerto Rico, with more great tracks!

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