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Ecanto Tropical, World Salsa Radio: DJ Angel Figueroa

Encanto Tropical is a two-hour radio show of salsa music. Hosted by Japan-based DJ Angel Figueroa, it is one of several programs offered by World Salsa Radio, an internet radio station for Latin music enthusiasts. It broadcasts every 2nd and 4th Thursday, 05:00 Pacific (Standard and Daylight Savings). That's 21:00 or 22:00 Japan Time. Episodes appear in one of four formats, as follows. 

Encanto Tropical salsa & more 1000.jpg

1) Spotlights & Guest

Featured are 4 spotlights of 3 songs each about newly-released salsa, Latin music by Japanese artists, cover songs of Cuban classics, and a guest's song choices (following their interview). An introductory mix precedes the spotlights.​

2) Theme

This focuses on a certain topic for the entire show.

3) Open Session

Making up the show is a selection of random songs.

4) Guest Interview

A talk with a guest is preceded and followed by a mix of songs; the guest chooses a selection of 3 songs.

All episodes are available for replay in the Archives.

How to listen

To tune in live, click on the image below. Then click the play button. Wait a few seconds for it to load. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 21.00.47.png

Chat Room

To join the chat, create a username in the white ChatRoom box (below the yellow player). Be sure to say "hi!"

Mixer Desk

Encanto Tropical

DJ Headphones


2nd & 4th Thursdays


22:00日本時間 (12:00 UTC)*

5am Pacific / 8am Eastern

13:00 UK / 14:00 Central Europe


[Standard Time: 21:00 / Daylight Savings Time: 22:00]


Latest SHOW


Cuban Session (3)

June 27 

This is an all-Cuban show based on a playlist for a few sets at a Cuban party in May where I had such a fun night with a great crowd. Candela!

Image: freepik

(26 tracks, 1:58:22) 

et38wsr B.jpg

Upcoming SHOW

New Sun Playful (2).jpg


La Vida

July 25 

Next on Encanto Tropical is a session featuring tracks which include the word "Vida" in the song/album title or in the lyrics. I trust the end result may be a collection of poignant observations about the wonder, mystery, joy and pain of.... life.



4th anniversary Set

July 13 2024

The 4th Anniversary Fundraising event for World Salsa Radio features one-hour sets from several member DJs. We are in this together to appeal for donations to help cover the expenses of running this volunteer group, such as licensing fees, administrative costs, and the Soundcloud subscription.


Tune in on July 13 starting just after midnight (Pacific Time), enjoy the great range of tunes, and please consider a donation of any amount. Thank you!

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Recent PostS


Encanto Tropical Monthly Picks.jpg


Monthly song charts list ten great examples of recently-released contemporary salsa music. These choices are based on annual Spotify playlists that are collaborative projects with DJ Rem.

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