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Encanto Tropical 16 (WSR)


Ready for replay is Episode 16 -- see the link at bottom of this page (23 tracks, 2hr 1min).

Encanto Tropical 14 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Fabrizio Zoro

Episode 16 deviates from the usual program structure (with four spotlights) and instead focuses on the theme of Latin music in Japan -- on the playlist are several songs by Japanese artists from past episodes of Encanto Tropical as well as a few I have not played before. This includes songs by foreign artists based in Japan.

As a resident of Japan for more than twenty years, it has been interesting to follow the local Latin music scene and collect music, both rare and popular, which I am happy to share with listeners.

The aim of this special feature is to give exposure to Japanese artists who are generally unknown internationally. There is certainly a lot of material to choose from, and my selection in no way is intended to be authoritative. In fact, I think it is important to attempt at least one more feature (Part 2) to cover several artists and bands not included in this episode (due to the time restriction). Stay tuned.

Encanto Tropical 16 (World Salsa Radio) featuring Latin music on Japan
Encanto Tropical 16: Focus on Japan
Encanto Tropical 16 (World Salsa Radio) featuring Latin music in Japan
Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 16

リプレイのリンクはこのページの下部にあります (23 曲、2 時間 1 分)


プレイリストには、過去のエンカント・トロピカルのエピソードから、日本のアーティストの曲や、私が今まで聴いたことのない曲が 数曲 導入されています。また、日本を拠点に活躍する海外アーティストの楽曲も含まれています。


この特集は、国際的に知られるのは これからという、隠れた才能を持つ日本のアーティストに触れてもらうことを目的としています。

確かに他にも選択できる資料はたくさんありますが、今回、私の選んだものは、決して権威付けを意図したものではありません。むしろ、今回取り上げられなかったアーティストやバンドを、少なくとももう1回(part 2)で 取り上げることが重要だと考えています(時間的制約のため)ご期待くださいね。

Featured ARTiSTs & BANDS

(in alphabetical order)

Links included where available

Conjunto Mamborama

Manny Mendez


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Encanto Tropical 16 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Bongohead


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