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Encanto Tropical 15 (WSR)

Episode 15 is available for replay -- see below for the link (2hrs 13mins, 24 tracks).

Encanto Tropical 14 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Fabrizio Zoro

The guest is Nora, lead vocalist of Orquesta de La Luz, which received much critical acclaim in the 1990s. She spoke about her projects, her inspirations, and how she started in salsa. See the pre-show post for Nora's introduction on Encanto Tropical.

Show Highlights:
  • Introductory salsa session: ~34:01 featuring 7 tracks by Orquesta de La Luz, Celiz Cruz, Yolanda Rivera, and Sol.

  • Spotlight 1 (New salsa releases): 34:02~ featuring El Barbaro, Irving Manuel, and DJ Henrix.

  • Spotlight 2 (Latin music by Japanese artists) 49:25~ featuring Wave Con Salsa, Yoko, and Latin Yaro.

  • Spotlight 3 (Covers of Cuban music): 1:06:58~ featuring Rey Ruiz, Johnny Cruz (feat. Yolanda Rivera), and Gambino Pampini.

  • Spotlight 4 (Guest showcase): 1:23:41~ featuring a talk by Nora (Orquesta de La Luz) with a selection of 3 songs from her new album Salud a la Vida.

  • Concluding salsa session: 2:03:39~ featuring 2 tracks by Oscar d'Leon and Celia Cruz.

Encanto Tropical 15 (World Salsa Radio) with guest Nora
Encanto Tropical 15 with guest Nora
Encanto Tropical 15 (World Salsa Radio) with guest Nora
Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 15


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