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Nora on Encanto Tropical

Encanto Tropical's next guest is the lead singer, arranger, and songwriter Nora from Orquesta de La Luz!

Tune in for Episode 15 on November 10 to hear Nora give a talk and share a selection of songs from her latest solo album, 'Salud a la Vida'! Only at World Salsa Radio.

Encanto Tropical 15 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Nora from Orquesta de la Luz

Nora is the lead vocalist of Japan's most celebrated salsa band, Orquesta de La Luz, which received special acclaim in the 1990s when it debuted on the world stage. Orquesta de La Luz released several albums and Nora remains their lead singer, having attained 'salsa diva' status for her many accomplishments with the band and recognition around the world for her musical talents.

I was thrilled when she acepted my invitation to join Encanto Tropical, which coincides with the release of her latest album on all digital albums. In fact, the release was timed to celebrate a landmark birthday of hers after forty year of singing salsa. The album title 'Salud a la Vida' says it all -- a celebration of life with a collection of touching songs, mostly covers, in her signature style.

It was great fun preparing for the show as I went through the entire repertoire of Orquesta de La Luz to choose songs for the playlist. My aim was to select tracks that were representative of Nora's talents as a vocalist, songwriter, and arranger. My wish is that whether or not listeners are familiar with Nora, they like the selection.

As a long-time resident of Japan, it's a thrill to have Nora on Encanto Tropical. She can be considered an ambassador of Japan in the salsa world since, during her worldwide tours, she received such critical acclaim. In recent years, NORA regularly appears at the Tokyo jazz club Ginza Swing as a solo artist. In addition, she accompanies Orquesta de La Luz when they occasionally go on tour, perform at local jazz festivals, and play at schools for children. She is actively involved in the band's collaboration with artists of various genres, not just salsa.

On the Episode 15 she talks about several topics; most interesting for me are her start in salsa as well as her current projects, which include the recent release of her fourth solo album. In addition -- as is the custom for the guest on Encanto Tropical -- she selects three special tracks for us to listen to.

Encanto Tropical comprises four spotlights which form the main part of the show:

  • New salsa releases

  • Latin music by Japanese artists

  • Covers of classic Cuban songs

  • Guest Showcase

See the Program Description for more information about the structure of the show, especially the spotlights.

The spotlights are preceded and followed by short salsa sets where I play a range of material inspired by our guest for Encanto Tropical, Episode 15. With Nora in mind, I mix in several female vocalists for the first half hour of the show.

Encanto Tropical 15 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa with guest Nora
Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 15

Tune into World Salsa Radio for Episode 15 of Encanto Tropical with Nora on November 10th!


お知らせ: 夏時間から標準時への変更に伴い、放送開始時刻が、 日本時間では22:00スタートなりました。

New Broadcast time

Due to the switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, Encanto Tropical will now broadcast an hour later than previously in Japan (at 22:00). This corresponds with 13:00 GMT and 14:00 Central Europe, but the starting time remains unchanged in the Americas (05:00 Pacific / 08:00 Eastern).


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