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past Episodes



Guest: DJ El Chino

Apr 14 2022

DJ El Chino (Solar Latin Club) is an internationally recognized deejay based in Cali, Colombia. His main focus is the promotion of contemporary salsa and Latin Jazz artists.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 1 are Yeziel Lazo & Lazos D'Cuba, Ayumi Suzuki, and Enrique Chia.

(2:07:20, 24 tracks)

World Salsa Radio - Encanto Tropical 02 (DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest: DJ Gia Fu


Guest: DJ Gia FU

Apr 28 2022

DJ Gia Fu is not only a talented DJ but also an accomplished co-producer, as she took the salsa world by storm in 2021 with the release of Angel Melendez's Big Band Maquina.

Episode 2 features an artist spotlight on Dorance Lorza. Other featured artists include Pete Perignon, Dairo Todd, and Charly Hernandez.

(2:11:16, 26 tracks)


Guest: Manny Martinez

May 12 2022

Singer/songwriter Manny Martinez released the acclaimed Azabache album in 2000. The New York native resides in San Francisco where he performs with his band La Rebeldia.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 3 are Sr Ortegon, La Maxima 79, and Orquesta del Sol.

(2:20:06, 24 tracks)

IMG_6701 2.jpg


Guest: STEVE Guasch

May 26 2022

A Puerto Rican native and resident of Seattle, Steve Guasch talks about his roles as a musician, band promoter, and manager of Salsaneo Records.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 4 are Kuare, Adjazzantes, and Orchestra Fuego.

(2:19:58, 27 tracks)


Guest: Giany Despointes

June 9 2022

Giany Despointes is a trombone player based in Montreal, Canada, where he founded and directs Lengaïa Salsa Brava orchestra.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 5 are Zontabogo Salsa Na Ma, and Ricky Campanelli, and Ken Morimura.

(2:17:17, 25 tracks)



Guest: G-Ya

June 23 2022

G-ya is a dancer, instructor, choreographer, and performer from the Republic of Korea. He answered several questions shortly after returning home from a salsa event in New York.

Among the spotlighted artists on Episode 6 are Tony Ávila, Buena Vibra Sextet, and Yacel Sagarra.

(2:02:17, 21 tracks)


Guest: Ryoko OHARA

July 14 2022

Ryoko Ohara is a pioneering instructor, performer, and choreographer, as well as the director of Eleggua Entertainment, based in Tokyo, Japan.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 7 are Aya Nakano, Fabio Gianni & DJ Max Cuba, and Nati y Su Charanga.

(2:01:37, 22 tracks)



Guest: Jan reijnders

July 28 2022

The musician, composer, and producer Jan Reijnders has released several unique salsa tracks that have become very popular among DJs and dancers alike.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 8 are Mixael Cabrera, Copa Salvo, and Ecos del Tivolí feat. Gilberto Santa Rosa.

(2:06:25, 23 tracks)


Recap (EP. 1-4)

Aug 11 2022

This session is a departure from the usual format, with no spotlights, commentary, or guest. Instead, it is a straight-up mix with tracks selected from Episodes 1 to 4, rearranged according to key.

Among the featured artists are Jimmy Saa, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Orquesta Yare, La Maxima 79, Angel Melendez & Big Band Maquina, and Buena Vibra Sextet.

(3:07:37, 41 tracks)

Encanto Tropical 09.jpg


Guest: DJ Nik

Aug 25 2022

Dubbed “Mr UnShazammable”, DJ Nik achieved recognition on CoBeatParty (a Facebook group)  by live streaming unique DJ sets with rare tracks that went unrecognized by song-identifying apps such as Shazam.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 10 are Son de Kafe, Sabor Y Control, and La Excelencia.

(25 tracks, 2:07:56)


GuestS: Frankie Martinez & Lia Robertson

Sept 8 2022

Frankie Martinez is a leading salsa choreographer and dance educator while Lia Robertson is a dancer and dance coach. Both are based in New York City.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 11 are Fresto Music, Steven Brezet, and Jimmy Sabater.

(2:18:56, 26 tracks)



Guest: Sr Ortegon

Sept 22 2022

Sr Ortegon is a DJ, musician, composer, and producer based in Cali, Colombia. The Latin Grammy Award-nominee provides Latin-themed sound and music for film, TV, and commercials.

Among the spotlighted artists in Episode 12 are DJ Fabrizio & Dani De Santis, Alexander Guerra & D'Nuevo Son, Hisayo Yamada, and Nacho Sanabria.

(2:05:57, 25 tracks)


Guest: Felipe Martinez 

Oct 13 2022

DJ Felipe Martinez, aka EldelaClaveSF, is an active member of the San Francisco Bay area salsa scene but also deejays internationally. In addition to being a salsa dance instructor, he is also the founder and CEO of World Salsa Radio, with his own show every Sunday.

Featured artists include Rico Walker, Jesus Pagán y Su Orquesta, and Manyoma Brothers.

(2:13:17, 26 tracks)



Guest: Fabrizio Zoro 

Oct 27 2022

The celebrated Italian DJ Fabrizio Zoro is perhaps best known for his role leading one of Europe's most well-known salsa bands, La Maxima 79, but he is also a co-founder and artistic director of iLatin Music, a music publishing company based in Milan. 

Songs by La Maxima 79 and Fabrizio Zoro are highlighted throughout the show.

(2:24:01, 27 tracks)


Guest: Nora

Nov 10 2022

The Japanese salsa diva Nora has released a new solo album, "Salud a la Vida", marking 40 years as a salsa singer as the lead vocalist of Orquesta de La Luz, the pioneering Japanese salsa band that debuted in the early 1990s.

Songs by Orquesta de la Luz are highlighted throughout the show. The guest showcase includes three songs from Nora's recent album.

(2:12:40, 24 tracks)

IMG_8029 2.jpg


LATIN Japan in Focus

Nov 24 2022

Every episode of Encanto Tropical features 3 samples of Latin music by Japanese artists. I do this to help promote Japanese artists who are generally unknown internationally. As a resident of Japan, it has been interesting to follow the Latin music scene and collect music that I am happy to share with listeners. In Episode 16, I take a break from the usual show structure and instead play several songs by Japanese artists from past episodes, plus some new ones.

(2:00:52, 23 tracks)


Guest: Bongohead

Dec 8 2022

The prolific writer Pablo Yglesias, aka Bongohead, regularly demonstrates his vast knowledge of the history and scope of Latin music in his posts on Instagram. Also significant is his work as curator, not just in media (poster and album cover art for exhibition purposes), but also in reissued albums and compilations, most recently for VampiSoul (Munster Records). In addition, he stays busy as a regular DJ and in co-managing the record label Peace and Rhythm.

(2:11:21, 21 tracks)



Best salsa Of 2022 (with dj Rem)

Dec 22 2022

DJ Rem from France and I team up to choose our favourite salsa tracks of the year. Since early January we have worked on a Spotify playlist of salsa songs released in 2022. As the year comes to a close, we go over the list of almost 500 items to share what we consider the best 25 tracks -- not an easy task!

(2:04:50 / 27 tracks)



March 23 2023

A highlight of this episode is the world radio debut of "Baile para los Difuntos" an instrumental by award-winning bassist, composer, and band-leader Rubim de Toledo from Edmonton, Canada. 

Also in the lineup are new releases by Joseph Torres and 5ta en Clave as well as rereleased oldies from Ray Perez and Belisario Lopez. And there's a special one by Enrique Chia in tribute to my parents, RIP.

(2:04:50 / 27 tracks)

Encanto Tropical 19.jpg


Rumbera la Andaluza

April 13 2023

Up to now, guests have been musicians, DJs, and dance instructors, but spotlighting a dancer is good, too. A frequent traveler to dance events around Europe -- and a regular audience member of salsa radio shows and live streams -- Rumbera la Andaluza is a fine example of the same level of dedication towards salsa that past guests show, too. Tune in to hear her thoughts and of course her selection of 3 songs in Spotlight 4 for the show! 

(2:08:58 / 29 tracks)


Back to the 70s

April 27 2023

"Back to the Classics" - A salsa session with material from the 1970s...

(2:04:41 / 27 tracks)

Encanto Tropical 21 xx.jpg
Encanto Tropical 22 wh.jpg


Mambongo replay

May 11 2023

Another solo session -- no guest showcase or spotlights. This time around I feature songs from Mambongo social on May 6 in Tokyo -- my most recent gig. I only play tracks that have never been played on Encanto Tropical.

(1:58:45 / 24 tracks)


Cuban session

June 8 2023

Featured is a range of contemporary Cuban salsa music, with a broad definition to include artists based on the island as well as those in the diaspora. Some fresh sizzlers, for sure. 

(2:00:24 / 27 tracks)

Encanto Tropical 24 wh throwback.jpg


millennium throwback

June 22 2022

The session follows my recent style of building a mix on a given theme, with little speaking and more flow, providing attribution in voiceovers over short looped segments of a track. The session theme is a throwback to the early years of the millennium, when I was very active as a club DJ and event organizer.

(2:07:14, 25 tracks)


Salsa Piano

July 13 2023

This show spotlights 21 salsa tracks which include masterful piano — all from the 1970s. I cover a range of pianists playing in both the roles of background rhythm and piano solo. It’s a high definition recording.


This was the 25th edition of Encanto Tropical, so it’s a pleasing milestone for me, however small. Thanks to everyone who has have supported me so far.

(2:04:44, 21 tracks)

Encanto Tropical 25 wh.jpg
Encanto Tropical 27 wh 500 with date.jpg


MIsc Mix

Sept 14 2023

Episode 26 is an on-the-fly mix featuring mostly vintage salsa. There is no specific theme. No guest, either. I had no time to prep, so I just played track to track... Good fun! The audio setup is in my new home, and you can hear the evening crickets chirping in the background when I speak.

(1:57:02, 30 tracks)


For a Cancer Warrior

Sept 28 2023

Episode 27 is dedicated to a friend who recently started chemotherapy. When I suggested lifting their spirits by making a mix during this challenging time, my friend replied "let the music make me dream". So I will focus on brass-infused salsa cuts because that is what this person likes. There's a mix of classics and rarities.

(2:00:26, 27 tracks)

Encanto Tropical 27 wh w ribbon.jpg
dj boriqua newer WH.jpg



Oct 19 2023

This Encanto Tropical comes with the theme of salsa from Puerto Rico. This serves as a backdrop for an interview with DJ BoriQua, host of “Afincando con DJ BoriQua”, a great program in the World Salsa Radio lineup. Along with 22 tracks representing several Puerto Rican salsa artists, both new and old, there are three songs recommended by our guest.

(2:05:37, 25 tracks)


Salsa de Puerto Rico 2

Nov 10 2023 

The theme from the last episode continues with salsa from Puerto Rico -- there were so many tracks I wanted to share that this show is made up of the outtakes from Part 1.

(1:58:29, 27 tracks)

Encanto Tropical 29 wh 500_edited.jpg
25 faves et wsr.jpg


Twenty-five Faves of 2023

Dec 28 2023

My preferred tracks of the year are selected from DJ Rem's Spotify Playlist, Contemporary Salsa (2023 Releases) totalling over 500 songs. It was not easy selecting my favourite 25 tracks from such a collossal number, but I managed to include a range of artists, both well-known and lesser-known ones. These tracks resonate with me and I think deserve some recognition; however, I underscore that this is a very personal selection and not intended as authoritative.

(2:05:37, 25 tracks)


Faves of 2023, Part 2

Jan 11 2024 

In this session I pick up where I left off in the last show, playing more salsa gems released in 2023. It turns out that with so much good material and several lesser-known artists worthy of recognition, a selection of just twenty-five tracks to represent the year is simply not enough. So I revisit the 2023 Spotify playlist and play outtakes, missed tracks, and even a few newly discovered ones, such as material released late in the year. That means another 25 salsa songs!

(2:05:14, 26 tracks)

ET30 Twenty-five Faves 2023 Pt 2.jpg


MambOki 20th Anniversary

Jan 25 2024

Two weeks ago I had the thrill of deejaying at a weekend event in Okinawa marking the 20th Anniversary of MambOki Latin Dance Studio, run by Erik Rodriguez, whose talents as a performer, instructor, and mentor deserve high praise. Congrats to him!

Episode 32 is made up of tracks from playlists used for my two sets at the event on Friday and Saturday.

(2:01:10, 26 tracks)


Cuban Session

Feb 8 2024 

I had the pleasure being the supporting DJ at an album-release concert and 10th anniversary of the Japanese salsa band called Son D' K.Libre, based in Osaka.

Episode 33 is an all-Cuban setting to set the context for spotlighting songs from both Son D' K.Libre and the duo of Yacel and Aya. (Yacel is the director, composer, singer and guitarist for the band, while Aya is a multi-talented vocalist, too).

(2:06:11, 24 tracks)

mambongo april.jpg


Mambongo replay

Apr 11 2024

My recorded gig at Mambongo Social in Tokyo on April 6 comprises the backbone of Episode 34, which is a mix of vintage and contemporary salsa. All the bachata and kizomba has been edited out.

(1:59:28, 27 tracks)


Fania Records: 60 Years

May 9 

In 1964, Fania Records was founded. Its drive, vision, and  and impact on the burgeoning Latin music scene in the USA and beyond was incredible. Many regard the first decades of Fania as the golden years of the musical style that was to become known as salsa. This was not without controversy, but the incredible talent and work of the artists under this label deserves recognition. In Episode 35, I go over several songs from Fania that influenced my growth as a salsa DJ.

(25 tracks, 2:03:30) 

Encanto Tropical 35 wh May 9.jpg
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