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I find meaning and fulfillment from arranging soundscapes to engage audiences. 


Whether for dancers or casual listeners, the thrill of programming and mixing a selection of music motivates me to explore, share, and grow as a DJ.

My focus is salsa, but interests include other types of Latin American music -- as well as African, electronica, and club jazz. 

In salsa I touch base with my Cuban roots and aim to build with other salseros a unique experience on the dance floor or radio. 


Born in the Caribbean and raised in Canada, Angel grew up in a household where music was always playing on the stereo—especially Jamaican and Cuban music.

Angel began deejaying in 1996 at a bar in Seoul, Korea, called Macondo. Later he became a pioneering DJ of the salsa scene in Osaka, Japan, and is best known for his monthly social “Shine”, where he held the DJ residency for 17 years. Among several international appearances is his role as a main DJ of the annual Taiwan Salsa Carnival.


Known for his attention to detail and for building DJ sets with eclectic and rare Latin grooves, Angel aspires to spin for both strict dancers and perceptive listeners.

Although Angel's focus is salsa, interests include other Latin genres, as well as afrobeat, electronica, and club jazz. He has deejayed across Japan, especially in Osaka; he is now based near Tokyo.


Apart from event deejaying, Angel pursues several projects related to Latin music, most recently as radio host of Encanto Tropical for World Salsa Radio.

Profile: DJ Angel Figueroa
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With 25+ years of DJ experience, I am available for a variety of event scenarios, with all the necessary gear. Contact me to discuss ideas. 


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