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Encanto Tropical 12 (WSR)

Episode 12 of Encanto Tropical is ready for replay (2hr06mins, 25 tracks). See the link at the bottom of this page to replay.

Encanto Tropical 12 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Abgel Figueroa) with guest Sr Ortegon

The show's guest is Sr Ortegon, a DJ, musician, composer, and producer based in Cali, Colombia. The Latin Grammy Award-nominee provides Latin-themed sound and music for film, TV, and commercials. For examples of his work, see the pre-show post.

Inspired by our Colombian guest, I feature Colombian salsa in addition to salsa fusion and boogaloo -- two sub-genres Sr Ortegon has been focusing on recently.

Show Highlights:
  • Intro (mostly Colombian salsa set): ~49:06 featuring a range of artists, such as Grupo Galé, Cali Aleman, Contento, La Misma Gente, and La Maxima 79.

  • Spotlight 1 (New salsa releases): 49:27~ featuring DJ Fabrizio Zoro & Dani De Santis, Edwin Perez, and Alexander Guerra & D'Nuevo Son.

  • Spotlight 2 (Latin music by Japanese artists) 1:05:14~ featuring Hisayo Yamada, Yoshiro, and Salsa Swingoza.

  • Spotlight 3 (Covers of Cuban music): 1:38:50~ featuring Nacho Sanabria, Estrellas Cobo, and Santiago Ceron.

  • Spotlight 4 (Guest talk): 1:49:04~ featuring our guest, Sr Ortegon, who talks about his background, work, and inspiration -- with a key message for the audience; he also chooses 3 songs for us to listwn to.

  • Throughout the show are tracks by Sr Ortegon from his recent albums 'Tropical Fusion' and 'Latin Boogaloo'.

Encanto Tropical 12 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Sr Ortegon
Encanto Tropical 12 with Sr Ortegon

Encanto Tropical 12 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa)
Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 12


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