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Latin Japan on Encanto Tropical

Coming up on Encanto Tropical (Episode 16)... Latin Japan in focus!

Encanto Tropical 16 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa): Latin Music in Japan

Every episode of Encanto Tropical features 3 samples of Latin music by Japanese artists. Their inclusion in the program is due to my desire to give exposure to Japanese artists who are generally unknown internationally. As a resident of Japan, it has been interesting to follow the Latin music scene and collect music that I am happy to share with listeners. In Episode 16, we will deviate from the usual structure of the program and review several songs by Japanese artists that have been covered so far on Encanto Tropical, plus some new ones. This includes foreign artists based in Japan.

Encanto Tropical (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) Focus on Japanese Latin Music
Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 16



The episode featuring Bongohead as guest, which was originally scheduled for Episode 16, has been rescheduled for Episode 17.

Tune into World Salsa Radio for Episode 16 of Encanto Tropical with Japanese Latin music on November 24th!


お知らせ: 夏時間から標準時への変更に伴い、放送開始時刻が、 日本時間では22:00スタートなりました。

New Broadcast time

Due to the switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, Encanto Tropical will now broadcast an hour later than previously in Japan (at 22:00). This corresponds with 13:00 GMT and 14:00 Central Europe, but the starting time remains unchanged in the Americas (05:00 Pacific / 08:00 Eastern).


Listen to Encanto Tropical on World Salsa Radio (DJ Angel Figueroa)

To listen live, first click on the link above. Then create a username in the white box before clicking the play button. Wait a few seconds for the show to load. Don't forget to say "hi" in the chat! (All episodes are also available for replay).


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