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Encanto Tropical 28 (WSR)

Replay Episode 28 using the link at the bottom of this page. 25 songs (2:05:30).

Encanto Tropical 28 (World Salsa Radio) with DJ Angel Figueroa -- focus on Puerto Rican salsa, interview with DJ BoriQua

This episode features a guest interview for the first time in a while. I managed to have a great talk with DJ BoriQua, one of the co-founders of World Salsa Radio. His show, "Afincando con DJ BoriQua" broadcasts on Saturdays 10:00am - 1200pm (Pacific Time). See the preceding blog post for more details.

Encanto Tropical  28 (DJ Angel Figueroa) Interview with DJ BoriQua

With DJ BoriQua as my guest, I thought it would be fitting to spotlight Puerto Rican salsa. There are 22 tracks spanning different decades with a range of artists from La Isla del Encanto, with a pre-interview mix (12 tracks) and a post-interview mix (10 tracks).

My selection of songs is not intended as a "best-of list". Tracks were chosen primarily on a personal basis, but on most occasions I also chose songs that were not among the most famous of a given artist. Importantly, I also focused on songs by artists based in Puerto Rico -- as opposed to those who permanently relocated to the United States ((with just a few exceptions).

Encanto Tropical 28 (World Salsa Radio) with DJ Angel Figueroa
Some of the artists included in Episode 28

The following artists are featured. Full attribution is given on the show.

Andy Montañez

El Combo del Ayer & Luigi Texidor

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Frankie Ruiz

Ismael Rivera

Ivan Cáceres

Kako Y Su Combo

La Playa Sextet

Mario Ortiz

Marvin Santiago

Moncho Rivera

Noro Morales

Rafael Cortijo & Su Bonche

Raphy Leavitt

Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz

Sonora Ponceña

Tite Curet Alonso

Tito Rodriguez

Tito Rojas

Tony Vega

Willie Rosario feat. Frankie Figueroa




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