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DJ BoriQua on Encanto Tropical

The next Encanto Tropical comes with the theme of salsa from Puerto Rico.

This serves as a backdrop for an interview with DJ BoriQua, host of “Afincando con DJ BoriQua”, a great program in the World Salsa Radio lineup.

Encanto Tropical Episode 28 (Puerto Rican Salsa and interview with DJ BoriQua) by DJ Angel Figueroa, World Salsa Radio

Episode 28 resumes the pattern of guest interviews. This time I intend to focus mostly on DJs and especially fellow hosts at World Salsa Radio. We start with a talk with a co-founder of World Salsa Radio, DJ BoriQua who, along with Felipe Martinez, a.k.a EldelaClaveSF (interviewed in Episode 13), initiated their radio station project that is now in its third year and includes more than 40 DJs from across the world.

Another feature of Episode 28 is that I will focus on salsa by Puerto Rican artists. I am no expert on Puerto Rican salsa, but I have selected enough tunes for the two-hour program. My choices are not intended as a "best-of list" but rather as a personal selection to cover a range of artists representing 'La Isla del Encanto'. Importantly, my focus is on artists based in Puerto Rico -- as opposed to those who relocated to the US (with a few exceptions). The song-selection spans several decades, from the classics to the present.

Encanto Tropical 28 with guest DJ BoriQua
On the playlist for Encanto Tropical 28

I chose to interview DJ BoriQua because his radio show is among my favourites to listen to, not just for his selection of tunes but also his role as host -- he projects an upbeat, charismatic personality, with much wit and energy that vitalize "Afincando con DJ BoriQua".

Afincando con DJ BoriQua

The program's current broadcast schedule at is every Saturday from 10am to 12 pm Pacific Time (1pm Eastern, 18:00 London, and 19:00 in Central Europe).

Below are are some recommended shows available for replay.

Episode 41

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Episode 123

> See the entire playlist for Afincando con DJ BoriQua.


Hailing from Carolina, Puerto Rico, Orlando “DJ BoriQua” Felix’s song selection is a direct influence from the sounds surrounding him while growing up in his native island.

Afincando con DJ BoriQua

He began deejaying in 1999 inside the U.S. Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia for the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Program. He made his name in the San Francisco Bay Area and became one of the primary DJs for such events/venues as the SF Salsa Congress, SF Salsa Festival, Sonoma County Salsa Festival, GlasKat Lounge in SF, Hot Salsa Fridays in San Jose, Sh Boom in San Ramon and many others. DJ BoriQua relocated to Dubai in 2009 where he deejayed at the Dubai International Dance Festival, Dubai Tango & Salsa Congress, Abu Dhabi Salsa Festival, and the Oman Salsa Festival making him one of the most popular and on-demand salsa DJs in the Middle East.

He returned to the Bay Area in 2014 and co-hosted/deejyed at Hot Salsa Saturdays inside Dance Blvd in San Jose until March of 2020. Today he is the co-founder of World Salsa Radio, with his show Afincando con DJ BoriQua airing every Saturday from 10am to 12pm Pacific Time.


Episode 28 broadcasts on October 19th (postponed from Oct 12th). Join me and see you in the chat!

Encanto Tropical, E28

DJ Angel Figueroa

Guest Interview: DJ BoriQua

Thu Oct 19, 21:00 Japan Time

05:00 PT / 08:00 ET / 12:00 UTC / 14:00 CET

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