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Encanto Tropical 29 (WSR)

Replay Episode 29 using the link at the bottom of this page - twenty-six songs (1:58:29).

Encanto Tropical 28 (World Salsa Radio) with DJ Angel Figueroa -- focus on Puerto Rican salsa, interview with DJ BoriQua

Continuing from the last episode, the theme is salsa from Puerto Rico. There were so many tracks that I could not play last time that this show (Part 2) is made up entirely of outtakes from the last show.

Like Part 1, my selection of songs is not intended as a "best-of list". Tracks were chosen primarily on a personal basis, but on most occasions I also chose songs that were not among the most famous of a given artist.

Importantly, I also focused on songs by artists based in Puerto Rico -- as opposed to those who permanently relocated to the United States (with just a few exceptions).

Encanto Tropical 29 (World Salsa Radio) with DJ Angel Figueroa - Puerto Rican Salsa
Some of the artists included in Episode 29

The following artists are featured. Full attribution is given on the show.

Carlos García

Conjunto Imagen

La Dominante

La Playa Sextet

Eduardo Zayas Y Su Ez La Banda Ft Rodrigo Mendoza

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Gilberto Santa Rosa

Ismael Rivera & Sus Cachimbos

Jerry Ferrao

Jimmy Urbina Y Su Orquesta Revolucion 70

Jose Torres with Mel Martinez & Jorge Nicolai

Mickey Cora y Orquesta Cabala


Papo Cocote

Pedro Conga

Pete Perignon

Puerto Rican Power

Rafael Cortijo & Su Bonche

Sonora Ponceña

Rafú Warner

Rene Figueroa y Su Orquesta Son Clave

Rico Walker

Sonora Ponceña

Tito Rodríguez

Tommy Olivencia

Willie Gonzalez




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