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Salsa 2023 on Encanto Tropical 30

Replay Episode 30 using the link at the bottom of this page: Twenty-five songs (2:06:08).

Encanto Tropical 27 (World Salsa Radio) with DJ Angel Figueroa -- spotlighting salsa brass

The last Encanto Tropical of 2023 is a selection of salsa tunes that best represents the year for me, with my choice of tracks selected from DJ Rem's Spotify playlist Contemporary Salsa (2023 Releases), which I also contributed to, and totals over 500 songs.

It was not easy selecting 25 tracks from such a colossal number, but I managed to include a range of artists, both well-known and lesser-known ones. These tracks resonate with me and I believe deserve some recognition; however, I emphasize that my selection is merely personal and not intended as authoritative.

Encanto Tropical 30 (World Salsa Radio) with DJ Angel Figueroa - Best salsa of 2023
Some of the artists included in Episode 30

The 25 songs are played in random order on the show which best suit the programming of tracks. Full attribution for the artist and track title is given before and after each song.

Below is my ranking of the tracks, with composers indicated in parentheses.

Best Salsa of 2023, DJ Angel Figueroa, Encanto Tropical

It is from our Spotify playlist that I select my 10 monthly “Picks” for Encanto Tropical. Choices for any given month are limited only to tracks that have been released within four months prior.

To see other salsa charts (commencing from January 2023) see the Charts page.




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Encanto Tropical 31 (DJ Angel Figueroa, World Salsa Radio) Best salsa of 2023 Part 2

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