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Encanto Tropical 33 (WSR)

Replay Encanto Tropical 33 using the link at the bottom of this page: 24 songs (2:06:11).

Encanto Tropical 33 (World Salsa Radio) with DJ Angel Figueroa -- MamBoki 20th Anniversary

Next week on Monday February 12th I have the pleasure being the supporting DJ at the album-release concert and 10th anniversary of the Japanese salsa band Son D' K.Libre. They are based in Osaka, where I was living when they formed ten years ago. The director is the multi-talented guitarist, composer, and singer Yacel Sagarra. In a previous post, I included details of the Son D' K.Libre 2024 Tour.

Episode 33 is an all-Cuban mix featuring songs from both Son D' K.Libre and the duo of Yacel and his partner -- together they perform independently as Yacel and Aya.

Encanto Tropical 33 (World Salsa Radio) with DJ Angel Figueroa feat. Son D' K.Libre
Some of the artists included in Episode 33

Full attribution is given on the show. Featured artists are listed below.


Berna Jam

Charangon Del Norte, Wilver Pedrozo


Cuban`S TRes

Los Djs Timberos & Los Pollos Timberos & Leidy Garcia Gonzalez

El Equipo Del Norte

El Rubio Loco & Dj Fabrizio Zoro

Fabio Gianni & Ivan Venot

Formell y Los Van Van

El Hijo de Teresa y la Llegada

Leo Wilber (feat. DJ Andrea Tresdò)

Mixael Cabrera



Passion Timba

Renesito Avich 

Son D' K.Libre

Yacel and Aya

Yacel Sagarra

Yasser Ramos Y El Tumbao Mayombe

Yuma Takeuchi (竹内悠馬)




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