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Son D'K.Libre Album Release Tour


The Japanese salsa band Son D'K.Libre is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a concert tour on February 11th - 14th in four cities: Hamamatsu, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Son D' K.Libre
The Japanese salsa band Son D'K.Libre (led by Yacel Sagarra) celebrates 10 years!

The tour supports their first album release, Lo Que Se Cuenta, in September 2023. All eight tracks are composed by band leader Yacel Sagarra (guitar and vocals). Available on all major digital platforms, CDs will also be for sale at the concerts.

Tour Schedule

Feb. 11 (Sunday)

Hamamatsu: MARGARITA

DJ Guitta

February 12 (Holiday Monday)


DJ Angel

February 13 (Tuesday)

Nagoya: TOKUZO

DJ German

February 14 (Wednesday)

Osaka: SOMA

DJ Atsushi

Each concert date is supported by a local DJ. For the Tokyo concert, it's a privilege for me to be at the decks, as I have known the band from its inception back when I lived in Osaka.


Son D'K.Libre is exceptional not only for its fine repertoire but also for its talented crew of Japanese musicians -- apart from Yacel Sagarra who hails from Santiago de Cuba.

Yacel Sagarra (vocals, guitar, chorus) 

Aya Sagarra (vocals, chorus) 

Riho Oyama (keyboard) 

Takahiro Ishii (bass) 

Tokujiro Hamano (conga, chorus) 

Hiroshi Kamezaki (drums, timbales, bongo) 

Risabro Matuski (trumpet) 

Masatoshi Takata (trumpet) 

Kiyose Yuki (trombone) 

Yuta Nakahira (sax)

NOTE: Takashi Fukutoshi appears as special guest (flute) in the Osaka concert.


Son D'K'Libre

Son D'K.Libre

Produced by Sagarra Music


If you're in Japan, don't miss this opportunity for an exciting salsa live experience. Contact me (below) if you need help obtaining tickets.

I'm pleased to mark the occasion of this concert tour with the upcoming radio show of Encanto Tropical (Episode 33) on Feb 8, featuring all Cuban music including Son D'K.Libre and Yacel & Aya Sagarra.


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