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February 2024 Salsa Picks

And now the monthly spotlight of 10 salsa songs on Encanto Tropical. Here is February 2024.

In the top position is a salsa version of 'Entre dos aguas' from Paco de Lucía, interpreted by Son Con Ron, a Germany-based band formed around the brothers Anichi and Pablo Perez. Naturally, strings serve as the key motif and are played by Anichi Perez, who can deliver on both the acoustic guitar and Cuban tres. Their album"Flor", released two weeks ago, includes several previously-released material -- among them the title track from 2022 that quickly became popular among listeners and DJs alike. A simply great album, my hunch is that 'Entre dos aguas' becomes yet another anthem of theirs.

The other tracks in the top five include two with Cuban flavour: 'Pero Tu' by the Italy-based trio of El Timba/Roberto Sabroso/El Bandera as well as 'Son de Verdad' by Juan Karlos and Sangre Nueva, from California USA. Colombian salsa dura make up the other two songs, with strong brass sections and notable piano in 'No Juega Mas' by Benedict & The Magic Band and 'Malalo' by Orquesta 220.

Among the remaining tracks are two romantica by Jose Ricardo Salsa ('Y Amarte Mas'), from Colombia and Hector Olmo ('Si a veces hablo de ti') from Puerto Rico. Also representing Puerto Rico are two other bands: Julio Albino y su Orq. Secreto a Voces, with the upbeat 'Paila de Guarachero' and Don Perignon & La Puertorriqueña's mid-tempo 'La Clave Me Lleva'. Closing the list is a nod to the slightly poppy but catchy tune 'Bochinchero' by Motiff and Tito Nieves.

All monthly charts are sourced from the Spotify playlist below (curated by DJ Rem and me).

For other salsa charts (commencing from January 2023), see the Charts page.



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