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Encanto Tropical 22 (WSR)

Number 22 is now up (1:58:45 / 24 tracks). Click the replay link at the bottom of this page.

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This version has no guest showcase or spotlights. Instead, I feature songs played from my gig at last Saturday's Mambongo! 5/6 (Sat) in Tokyo... and *only* songs that I have never played on Encanto Tropical.

Mambongo! 2023-05-06

DJ Angel Figueroa

Spinning at Mambongo was certainly great fun -- as always -- and I hope listeners enjoy this selection of tracks from that night. Artists featured are the following. Listen to the show for full attribution.

Anaïs Abreu, Pio Leyva, Rudy Calzado, Tata Güines

Rey Caney Con Orquesta

Antonio Cartagena

Oscar D'Leon

Alexander Guerra, D'Nuevo Son

Bentho Gustave Titiou

Emilio Campos

Conjunto Selección de Philadelphia

Irving Manuel

DJ Maurizio Doná

La Maxima 79, DJ Pepe Bassan

Grupo Nueva Gente

Angel Melendez, Big Band Maquina

New Swing Sextet

Pablito y Su Charanga (DJ Venot Remix)

Papa Orbe & Los Científicos del Sabor

Eduardo Padua, Dominique Patrick Noël

Rikuson All-Stars

Los Rocket's

Ruben Salas and His Salsa Orchestra

La Santa Rumba

The Tony Rojas Orquesta


Hector Zalsumba Rivera

Some of the music on Episode 22
Some of the music on Episode 22




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