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Encanto Tropical (WSR) 4

World Salsa Radio) is available, featuring guest Steve Guasch from Salsaneo Records... Click on the link at the bottom for replay.

Encanto Tropical 4 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Steve Guasch

Included are eleven tracks from the Salsaneo label, covering a range of artists that it has released albums with, such as:

Joshuah de Jesus and Buena Vibra Sextet, Alex Rivera y la Sabrosura, Charly Hernandez, Dorance Lorza & Sexteto Cafe, Josean Rivera, Papo Rosario feat. Isidro Infante, and Rico Walker.

Several others artists join them across four spotlights described in the section below.

Show Highlights:
  • Intro (salsa set): ~20:42 Featuring Steve Guasch & Su Orquesta Nueva Era, Kuare, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and Josean Rivera.

  • Spotlight 1 (New salsa releases): 20:43~ Featuring Gabo F, Stephen Giraldo, and Francis Ndoumbe.

  • Spotlight 2 (Latin music by Japanese artists): 52:57 Featuring Alisa Sunaga, Conjunto Mamborama, and Yoshiro.

  • Spotlight 3 (Cuban classics and covers): 1:24:50~ Featuring Bebo Valdes, Papo Ortega & Cubanoson, and Mario Allison Y Su Combo.

  • Spotlight 4 (Guest showcase): 1:45:48~ Featuring guest Steve Guasch, who talks about his baskground, inspirations, current projects and future plans; he also provides three songs for us to listen to.

  • In between the Spolights and in the concluding segment several artists are represented, such as DJ Ricky Campanelli, Orchestra Fuego, DJ Henrix, Herman Olivera, and Soneros All Stars.

Thanks for the support!

Encanto Tropical 4 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Steve Guasch
Encanto Tropical 4 with guest Steve Guasch

Encanto Tropical 4 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Steve Guasch
Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 4

The next show is June 9th with guest bandleader/composer/arranger Giany Despointes of Lengaïa Salsabrava NG... Stay tuned for more details.


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Guest: Giany Despointes (Lengaïa Salsa Brava)


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