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Encanto Tropical (WSR) 2

Now available for replay is Episode 2 of "Encanto Tropical" for See the link at the bottom of the page to listen here or on SoundCloud.

Episode 2 includes an artist feature on...

  • Dorance Lorza & Sexteto Cafe > website

And a guest spotlight on...

Also included are tracks by: Charly Hernandez, Dairo Todd, El Timba, Central, Hisayo Yamada, Yoko Mimata, and Gumby Navedo y su Tumbao, among others.

It was huge fun doing this show. Warm thanks to everyone who tuned in.


Replay Episode 2


Next Episode

Encanto Tropical: Episode 3 is on May 12 with guest Manny Martinez from Azabache & La Rebeldia.

Encanto Tropical 3 (Guest: Manny Martinez) with DJ Angel Figueroa (World Salsa Radio)


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