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Guest: Manny Martinez on 'Encanto Tropical'

Coming up on ‘Encanto Tropical’ at, our guest is Manny Martinez.

Encanto Tropical (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Manny Martinez

Based in San Francisco, the New York native was the lead vocalist for the highly-acclaimed Conjunto Azabache album (2000) that he and his brother, Ray, put together. He is currently recording new material with his band “La Rebeldia”.

Tune in on May 12 to learn more about the singer, songwriter, and bandleader Manny Martinez! (05:00 PT / 08:00 ET / 12:00 GMT)

In addition to Azabache and La Rebeldia, on the playlist are several artists for the main part of the show or for the other featured spotlights:

☆ Japanese Latin music: Latin Yaro Orquesta del Sol Karamushi & Copa Salvo

☆ Cuban Classics: DJ Sergio Babacar Inter Orchestre Tropicana All Stars

Also featuring: Jimmy Bosch Curao En Salsa Orquesta Yaré …plus more


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