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Encanto Tropical 25 (WSR)

Last week’s Encanto Tropical (2:04:44, 21 tracks) is ready for replay - see below.

Encanto Tropical 25 banner

This show spotlights 21 salsa tracks which include masterful piano — all from the 1970s. I cover a range of pianists playing in both the roles of background rhythm and piano solo. It’s a high definition recording.

This was the 25th edition of Encanto Tropical, so it’s a pleasing milestone for me, however small. Thanks to everyone who has have supported me so far.

Full attribution is given in the show. Most of the tracks are standards; my aim was not to showcase rare songs but rather curate mostly classics.

Featured pianists are the following.

Sonny Bravo

Gilberto ‘Pulpo’ Colon

Markolino Dimond

Andres Dorios

Wayne Gorbea

Hernán Gutiérrez

Larry Harlow

Oscar Hernández

Rafael Ithier

Enrique "Culebra" Iriarte

Papo Lucca

Eddie Martinez

Jorge Millet

Charlie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri

Ricardo Ray

Edwin Rodriguez

Joe Torres

Javier Vasquez

Some of the music on Episode 25
Some of the music on Episode 25




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