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Encanto Tropical 24 (WSR)

Yesterday's Episode 24 was great fun (2:07:14 / 25 tracks). The replay link is below.

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This session follows my recent style of building a mix on a given theme, with little speaking and more flow, while providing attribution using voiceovers in short, looped segments of a song. The session is a throwback to the 2000s, when I was active as a club DJ and event organizer and building my collection with tunes of both new releases and older material. Now, two decades later, the new music from that time feels very nostalgic. It brings back great memories, so I thought it would be interesting to highlight my favourite tracks from that time, specifically the dance floor tunes I played at my main social event,"Shine", in Osaka, Japan. So this episode is a trip down memory lane!

Full attribution is provided in the show. The artists are as follows.

Africando All Stars

Angel Francisco

Augusto Enríquez y Su Mambo Band

Black Sugar Sextet


Conjunto Azabache

Direct Latin Influence

El Gran Combo

El Timba

Grupo Caribe

Jesus Diaz Y Su Qba

Jimmy Sabater


La Excelencia

Las Estrellas Caiman

Latin Giants of Jazz

Los Afro-Salseros De Senegal

Manolito Simonet y Su Trabuco

Mario Ortiz All Star Band

Moncho Rivera

Orquesta La Palabra

Papo Ortega Presents Cubanoson

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Wayne Gorbea

Yuri Buenaventura

Some of the music on Episode 24
Some of the music on Episode 24




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