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Encanto Tropical 23 (WSR)

Episode 23 is up (2:00:24 / 27 tracks). Click the replay link at the bottom of this page.

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Featured is the unique Cuban salsa sound, including both non-Cuban and Cuban musicians, with a balance between Cuban-based musicians and those in the diaspora. There was a huge range of material to select from, so choices were limited to fairly new releases. Still, there are a number of songs I had to pass over due to the time limit, but it will be easy to make up for this with another "Cuban session" in the future. Stay tuned.

Full attribution is provided in the show. The artists are as follows.

Alberto García & Alcibiades Durruthy (feat. Juan Munuía)

Alexander Abreu

Alexander Guerra, D’Nuevo Son

Berna Jam

Christian y Rey

Combinación de La Habana

Criss y la Descarga

Eduardo Sandoval

El Micha

El Rubio Loco

Elito Revé y su Charangón

Formell y Los Van Van

Havana D’Primera

Issac Delgado

Joel Torres El Cata

Manana Club y Papucho

Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco

Maravillas de Florida

Maurizio Donà

Maykel Flores

Mixael Cabrera

Pascualito Cabrejas y su Tumbao Habana

Plena 79

Ray Garcia DJ, DJ El Dan (feat. Dayan)

Soneros All Stars

Sounds of Cuba


Willy Chirino

Some of the music on Episode 23
Some of the music on Episode 23




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