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The Year's Music in Review: Late 2021

Finishing with Part 4 of notable music in 2021, this chart covers songs which interested me in the last few months of the year. (Part 1 is Early 2021; Part 2 is Spring 2021, Part 3 is Summer 2021). Salsa is my focus, but other genres are included. Listed here are 150 tracks --not the usual 140, since I added 10 bonus salsa songs released in 2021.

Lists 1 to 8 are about salsa, with ten songs each. The other lists have five songs. For information about how lists were organized, see the project description and the notes at the bottom of this page.

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All the lists are on Spotify and Apple Music. Just click on either button after each list.

The tracks in these lists start on Spotify/Music as #31 (Lists 1-8) or as #16 (Lists 9-18).

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Let's go!


Salsa | Other Latin | Other Genres | Mixes



Released in late 2021

Tracks 31-40

Tracks 41-50 (Bonus)


Still Hot from 2020

Special Pick: "Lo Bueno Está Aquí"