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The Year's Music in Review: Summer 2021

Moving along to Part 3 of my picks for notable music in 2021, this chart covers tracks which got my attention in the summer. (Part 1 is Early 2021; Part 2 is Spring 2021; Part 4 is Late 2021). Salsa is my focus, but other genres are included. Listed here are 140 songs, just as in Parts 1 and 2.

Lists 1 to 8 are about salsa, with ten songs each. The other lists have five songs. For information on how lists were organized, see the project description.

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All lists are on Spotify and Apple Music. Just click on either button after each list.

These tracks were added to the lists made for Early 2021 after they were updated with Spring 2021, so they will be numbered on Spotify/Music as 21 to 30 (Lists 1-8) or 11 to 15 (Lists 9-18).

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Let's go!


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Released in 2021

Tracks 21-30


Still Hot from 2020

Special Pick: "Mi Guaguanco Sabroso"

Still fresh from last year are several great tracks, among them work by Ricardo Lemvo, Tromboranga, El Timba, and Filosofia. These will certainly be very playable for quite a while. Of special note is a track which seemed to appear out of nowhere by a favourite band of mine from quite a while ago (the 1980s and 1990s!). I am referring to Orquesta La Identidad, of Colombia, from the lovely Zeida label, redubbed as Orquesta Original Identidad. Two decades into the 21st century, here they are with a cracking dance floor filler with band lead Carlos Navia back on vocals. It's an upbeat, powerful, multilayered track demonstrating a slight departure from their signaturely smooth sound from the several albums I possess.