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The Year's Music in Review: Early 2021

This is the first chart in a four-chart series covering what I feel are notable songs in the year 2021. (The other charts are Spring, Summer, and Late 2021). The focus is on salsa and Latin, but other genres are included, too. The total number of songs in this chart is 140.

For each chart, songs are organized into 18 lists (see the project description in the previous post). Lists 1-8 are on salsa and have 10 songs each. The other lists have 5 each.

Artwork & DJ Mixes

Some album artwork is included with an anecdote explaining a particular selection. A bonus feature is a list of five inspiring DJ mixes, each with an embedded audio player.

About Song Selection

Information about song selection is explained under Notes near the bottom of this page. Most importantly...

  • This is a curation of songs based on personal relevance in 2021--regardless of release year. Only List #1 (New Salsa) features 2021 releases.

  • There is no ranking system; tracks are listed in alphabetical order.

Be sure to check out the forthcoming Spring, Summer, and Late 2021 posts.

Listen online

All 18 lists are on Spotify and Apple Music--just click on the button at the end of a list. To see all playlists, click on either of the images below.

Note: A playlist will update with 5 or 10 new songs once the next chart gets posted, and when you 'like' a playlist, it gets saved to your profile for easy access.

Let's go!

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Released in early 2021

(Tracks 1-10)


Still Hot from 2020

Special Pick: "Son Nocturno"