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The new home setup

Every DJ needs their cave plus more. I just recently moved house and am working on the new studio -- almost finished! It's mostly just the artwork for the walls that is left to do.

This studio is a haven. Every early morning when the kids are asleep I find myself! Today I was prepping for my set at Paco’s Social later this afternoon in Nagoya. That's a 4-hour trip including the bullet train, so I must be selective with the vinyl to keep the weight manageable. But there will be crackers for sure!

It's been a while since I posted something. There was a lot to prioritize last month. I am also on Instagram and Facebook - have a look and follow me there!

As for today's event, I'm looking forward to the reunions and a great time… Come say hi in the DJ booth!

Paco’s Social 9/17 (Sun) 17:00~ Club Mago, Nagoya FB Event page



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