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Salsa in 2021 - A Recap

I recently posted about music which caught my attention in 2021--regardless of release year--featuring 570 songs across several genres in 18 lists, and among them I featured new releases in salsa.

​Details regarding selection are explained in the project description. The results were divided into four charts corresponding to Early, Spring, Summer, and Late 2021.

The focus was certainly salsa, with 8 dedicated playlists. Each image below links to a Spotify playlist. (All 18 playlists can be viewed on my Spotify or Apple Music profile).

Musica Cubana

Salsa Classics

Salsa Gems

Salsa Roots

Salsa 2000s

Salsa 2010s

Salsa 2020s

Salsa 2021

Since posting about those charts (well into 2022), I have continued to add tracks to some of the playlists. What especially interests me is expanding the list of 2021 new releases. As a result, this playlist has grown from 50 to 80 tracks. More will be added as I discover songs that I initially missed. A preview of this playlist is available below. Enjoy!



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