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Encanto Tropical 18 (WSR)

Available for replay is Episode 18 -- see below for the link (2hrs 5mins, 25 tracks).

Encanto Tropical 18 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest DJ Rem

This is a special edition of Encanto Tropical on World Salsa Radio, with a departure from the usual format of 4 spotlights including a guest showcase. Episode 18 marks the end of 2022 with a selection of 25 "best" songs of the year. Joining me as a co-selector of these tracks is DJ Rem. See the pre-show post for information about the show, including an introduction of DJ Rem.

Encanto Tropical 18 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) -- Best of 2022 with DJ Rem
The music of Encanto Tropical 18 - Best Salsa of 2022

Note: there is no song ranking. The 25 tracks are presented in a random order.

"Best of 2022"
Encanto Tropical

Selected by Dj Angel (Japan)

& DJ Rem (France)

Track LIST

(in order of appearance in the show)

Best of 2022 - Encanto Tropical
Best Salsa of 2022 as featured on Encanto Tropical

Encanto Tropical 17 (World Salsa Radio) with guest Bongohead
Encanto Tropical 18 - The Best of 2022


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