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Bongohead on Encanto Tropical

Coming soon on Encanto Tropical... Episode 17 features DJ Bongohead as our guest! Tune in on December 8 for an exclusive interview.

Encanto Tropical 17 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Bongohead

The prolific writer Pablo Yglesias, aka Bongohead, regularly demonstrates his vast knowledge of the history and scope of Latin music in his posts on Instagram. Also significant is his work as curator, not just in media (poster and album cover art for exhibition purposes), but also in reissued albums and compilations, most recently for VampiSoul (Munster Records). In addition, he stays busy as a regular DJ and in co-managing the record label Peace and Rhythm.

Although Bongohead and I have never met in person, it has been a pleasure knowing him for a few years now. While our communication is limited to email chats, I am always humbled by his generosity in sharing his deep knowledge of the Latin music scene. It's rather impressive the many roles he assumes, so it's a pleasure to have him as a guest on Encanto Tropical!


Examples of Bongohead's activities in the world of Latin music are listed below.

DJ Bongohead: Links

Album Contributor

List of contributions on

Record Label Co-Founder/Co-Manager

Peace & Rhythm Records

Gallery Exhibit Curator

Visual Clave Gallery


On Joe Bataan

On Latin album cover art

"Y qué se sepa?"


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