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Vinyl Highlights, Ep. 5

I’ve been wondering who are the sidemen on Tommy Olivencia’s 1966 album 'Jala-Jala Guaguanco' — there is no information on the album jacket (at least not on the original Tioly #2, which I own). The vocals by Paquito Guzman and Chamico Ramirez and stellar throughout, giving all 11 tracks a unique sound. But also worth mentioning is the instrumenation in some of the tracks. A good example is “El Titere”, written by Louie Ramirez. The build-up and subsequent layering of the brass section, the percussion, piano, and timbals are impressive.

This episode is part of a series of videos highlighting an interesting portion of a track from my vinyl collection--the focus is on Latin music. As a rule, videos are kept brief (approximately 1 minute). More can be found with the hashtag #VinylHighlights.

Original content is first posted on Instagram and then on YouTube in the playlist Vinyl Highlights by DJ Angel.


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