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Vinyl Highlights, Ep. 4

Released in 2019, all bets are on that “おまえだけを I Love You” by Orquesta Copa Salvo will become a classic of Japanese-made salsa that can find appeal with dancers all across the world. The Japanese lyrics are sung by Tadahiro Masuda, and he is accompanied on chorus by multi-talented pianist Eri Konishi. They are supported by an all-Japanese cast featuring members from another famous—but now defunct—Japanese Latin band, "Banderas". This track was released only on 7 inch vinyl by the label Discos Papkin based in Tokyo. A tender love song backed with great instrumentation, it can show Spanish speakers what it is like to enjoy salsa without knowing the words, for a change. (This underlines how appealing salsa can be for non-Spanish speakers, based on just the musicality of the genre). Also, this track exemplifies the talent and swing which many Japanese musicians have for producing Latin music.

This episode is part of a series of videos highlighting an interesting part of a track from my vinyl collection--the focus is on Latin music. As a rule, videos are kept brief (approximately 1 minute). More can be found with the hashtag #VinylHighlights.

Original content is first posted on Instagram and then on YouTube in the playlist Vinyl Highlights by DJ Angel.

Note: The record in the video was purchased at full price and no incentive or compensation was received in return for promotion—the opinion expressed herein is solely that of DJ Angel.


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