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Vinyl Highlights, Ep. 3

This is Josean Rivera in his third album as a solo artist with the track “Mi Amigo Licor” from the album “Un Sonero Para El Pueblo” (2019) by Salsaneo Records — my choice of track from an album filled dance floor material.

Rivera is on lead vocals here with Adan Peréz firing a brief piano solo before the brass section kicks in for a unique modern salsa sound.

Well recorded with top quality production, this is another tight song in a great album among Salsaneo’s lineup. It is the precursor to Rivera’s latest album “Esto No Es Secreto”, which was just recently released.

This episode is part of a series of videos highlighting an interesting part of a track from my vinyl collection--the focus is on Latin music. As a rule, videos are kept brief (approximately 1 minute). More can be found with the hashtag #VinylHighlights.

Original content is first posted on Instagram and then on YouTube in the playlist Vinyl Highlights by DJ Angel.

Disclaimer: While the record in this video was purchased at full price, other promotional material was received from the relevant label—but the opinion expressed herein is solely that of DJ Angel.


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