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Rumbera la Andaluza on Encanto Tropical

Coming up is Episode 20 featuring the dancer Rumbera la Andaluza as guest.

Up to now, guests on my show have been musicians, DJs, and dance instructors. This is to be expected, but I think a dancer’s perspective is great to spotlight, as well. A frequent traveler to dance events around Europe and a keen audience member of salsa radio shows and live streams, Rumbera la Andaluza embodies the same level of dedication to salsa that my past guests show, too. Tune in to hear her thoughts* and of course her selection of 3 songs in Spotlight 4 for the show!

*NOTE: the interview is in Spanish, but an English transcript is provided on the highlights page.

On the playlist for Episode 20 of Encanto Tropical

Other spotlights feature new salsa releases, songs by Japanese musicians, and cover versions of classic Cuban songs. This is all material I’m happy to research and share with listeners of the show.

The show starts with a short mix of songs taken from the playlist of my recent live stream for El Parche Cucarron -- with many thanks to the organizers, especially Carlito Lopez, for having me on April 1.

Episode 20 of Encanto Tropical broadcasts on April 13th. Join me and see you in the chat!

Encanto Tropical, E20

DJ Angel Figueroa

Spotlight 4 Guest: Rumbera La Andaluza

Thu Apr 13, 21:00 Japan Time

05:00 PT / 08:00 ET / 12:00 UTC / 14:00 CET

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