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New show on WorldSalsaRadio: "Encanto Tropical"

This Thursday, April 14th, is the debut of my radio show on Join me as I broadcast from Chiba, Japan, at 21:00 local time. That is 05:00 Pacific / 08:00 Eastern / 12:00 GMT.

Encanto Tropical April 14 start

“Encanto Tropical” is the name of the show—alluding to the visceral charm of Afro-Cuban/Latin rhythms rooted in the Caribbean. I will deliver 2 hours of mainly salsa music every 2nd and 4th Thursday. In addition to playing tunes spanning different decades and styles, this show features 4 ‘spotlights’, with 3 songs in each of the following themes.

  • Newly-released salsa music

  • Latin music by Japanese artists

  • Cuban classics in memory of my late father

  • Selected songs by an interviewed guest

It’s a great pleasure to join the WorldSalsaRadio team! I hope that “Encanto Tropical” can be a fun, bonding, and learning experience for both listeners and myself.

Tune into WSR at And definitely check out the other shows from this great team of DJs from around the world!

I hope the broadcast time can suit listeners from across Asia, with the same starting of 21:00 in Korea, and 19:00 or 20:00 in most other areas. For the Americas this means 5:00 am Pacific Time and 8:00 am Eastern Time. It might be too early for San Francisco, but maybe it suits commuters in Toronto and New York or elsewhere on the eastern seaboard. For European listeners, a late lunchtime might be a good opportunity to tune in (starting 13:00 noon in the United Kingdom and 14:00 in central Europe).

Thank you in advance for your support.


Encanto Tropical

is a part of

with DJ Angel Figueroa

Broadcasting from Chiba, Japan

2nd & 4th Thursdays

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