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Guest: Steve Guasch on 'Encanto Tropical'

Coming up on May 26 for Encanto Tropical at, our guest is Steve Guasch from Salsaneo Records.

Encanto Tropical (World Salsa Rasio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Steve Guasch

A Puerto Rican native and resident of Seattle, Steve Guasch will talk about his roles as a musician, band promoter, and record label manager. A percussionist and bandleader, he first caught my attention with the 2006 album "Sigueando La Tradición" by Orquesta Nueva Era. He now focuses much of his time promoting musicians and bands for the Salsaneo label. Tune in to listen to some interesting insight by Steve Guasch as well as some great music by several artists under his supervision at Salsaneo Records. Check out the Salsaneo website for a list of current artists, album information, upcoming events, and music on sale (digital downloads/CDs/LPs).

In addition to the guest spotlight with Steve Guasch, the program of Encanto Tropical includes 3 other spotlights:

  • Recently released salsa songs

  • Japanese Latin music

  • Cuban classics

Along with several artists from the Salsaneo label, the playlist for the May 26th show includes Adjazzentes, Contento, Francis Ndoumbe, DJ Henrix, DJ Ricky Campanelli, Arisa Sunaga, Kuare, Stephen Giraldo, Gabo F, and Gilberto Santa Rosa, among others.

Tune into Episode 4 on May 26 on World Salsa Radio!


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