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Guest: G-ya on 'Encanto Tropical'

Next on Encanto Tropical at our guest is G-Ya, the celebrated dancer, instructor, choreographer, and performer from the Republic of Korea.

Encanto Tropical (World Salsa Radio) with guest G-Ya

G-Ya answered several questions I asked him shortly after he returned home from a trip to New York, where he gave a workshop at a salsa event. I will share his thoughts.

The full program for Episode 6 of Encanto Tropical includes the following "spotlights":

  • New salsa releases

  • Japanese Latin music

  • Covers of Cuban classics

  • G-ya’s song selection

Included in the paylist are tracks by older and newer artists such as: Tony Ávila, Buena Vibra Sextet, Los Calvos, Chuo-Bomba-Niconital, Orquesta Colon, Willie Gonzalez, Orquesta La Palabra, Papucho & Manana Club, Septeto Acarey, Siguarajazz, Laba Sosseh, German Villareal, and more.

Also featured is "Uttakata no Yume", the much anticipated latest single of Yacel Sagarra, a Cuban resident of Japan, who sings in native-like Japanese!

Don't miss Episode 6 on June 23 on World Salsa Radio! The show broadcasts from Japan at 21:00 (same as in Korea). Elsewhere in the world, that is:

6/23 (Thu)

05:00 PT | 08:00 ET | 12:00 GMT | 14:00 CET

To listen, first click on the link above. Then create a username before clicking the play button, and wait a few seconds for the show to load. Don't forget to say "hi" in the chat!


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