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Felipe Martinez on 'Encanto Tropical'

The next Encanto Tropical features Felipe Martinez as our guest. Tune in for Episode 13 on October 13 to hear his talk!

Also known as EldelaClaveSF, the California-based DJ and dance instructor is the founder and CEO of World Salsa Radio, the same internet radio project that this show belongs to. Felipe Martinez stays busy as he teaches regular dance lessons while deejaying both locally and internationally in addition to running the internet radio station, which came about during the pandemic and currently schedules more than two dozen shows hosted by DJs from around the world -- broadcasting on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Felipe Martinez, World Salsa Radio
Felipe Martinez (EldelaClaveSF) broadcasts every Sunday on World Salsa Radio

It’s exciting to have Felipe Martinez as a guest on my own show after he invited me several months ago to join the team of DJs at World Salsa Radio! He will share with us some information on his background, inspirations, and goals, as well as other thoughts. In addition -- as is the custom for the guest on Encanto Tropical -- he selects three special tracks for us to listen to.

Encanto Tropical comprises four spotlights which form the main part of the show:

  • New salsa releases

  • Latin music by Japanese artists

  • Covers of classic Cuban songs

  • Guest Showcase

The spotlights are preceded and followed by short salsa sets where I play a range of material inspired by our guest for Encanto Tropical, Episode 13.

Encanto Tropical 13 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa with guest Felipe Martinez
Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 13

Check out some shows hosted by guest Felipe Martinez (EldelaClaveSF):

Join us on October 13 with Felipe Martinez on World Salsa Radio!


Listen to Encanto Tropical on World Salsa Radio (DJ Angel Figueroa)

To listen live, first click on the link above. Then create a username in the white box before clicking the play button. Wait a few seconds for the show to load. Don't forget to say "hi" in the chat! (All episodes are also available for replay).


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