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Fabrizio Zoro on Encanto Tropical

Next on Encanto Tropical is Fabrizio Zoro as the guest. Tune in for Episode 14 on October 27 to hear his talk and song selection! Only at World Salsa Radio.

Encanto Tropical 14 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Fabrizio Zoro

Fabrizio Zoro is a celebrated salsa DJ based in Milan, Italy, but he assumes two other important roles: first, as musician, composer, arranger, and director of one of Europe's premier salsa bands, La Maxima 79; second, as co-founder and artistic director of iLatin Music, a music publishing company. Active for more than a decade in all three roles, Fabrizio Zoro has been influential in salsa not only across Europe but also the world.

As a long-time fan of La Maxima 79, I'm excited to have Fabrizio Zoro as a guest on Encanto Tropical. He talks about his background, experience, goals, and shares other thoughts, too. In addition -- as is the custom for the guest on Encanto Tropical -- he selects three special tracks for us to listen to.

Encanto Tropical comprises four spotlights which form the main part of the show:

  • New salsa releases

  • Latin music by Japanese artists

  • Covers of classic Cuban songs

  • Guest Showcase

The spotlights are preceded and followed by short salsa sets where I play a range of material inspired by our guest for Encanto Tropical, Episode 14. With Fabrizio Zoro in mind, I will mix in several songs attributed to him and La Maxima 79.

Encanto Tropical 14 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa with guest Fabrizio Zoro
Some of the music on Encanto Tropical 14

Fabrizio Zoro on YouTube

Rey del Corta y Pega

Fabrizio Zoro: composition

(with M. Puma) by La Maxima 79


Fabrizio Zoro: percussion, mixing, mastering

(& Dany de Santis)

Mucho Guaguanco

Fabrizio Zoro: arrangement

(Composer: by A. Daly) by La Maxima 79 feat. Dairo Todd (trombone/vocals)

Nothing Else Matters

Fabrizio Zoro: arrangement, piano, percussion

(Composer: J. Hetfield L. Ulrich)


Fabrizio Zoro: composition

(with Massimo Scalici) by La Maxima 79

Nunca Muere El Guaguanco

Fabrizio Zoro: direction, lyrics, campana, bongo, guiro, mixing

(& A. Velardi) by La Maxima 79

Un Dia Mas

Fabrizio Zoro: composition

(with M. Puma) by La Maxima 79

Tune into World Salsa Radio for Episode 14 of Encanto Tropical on October 27!


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