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Camping Salsa Set Challenge

The other day I had a lovely time camping with my family in Chiba. The weather was perfect and it was a great repreive from work and current events in the news which had been weighing me down.

I also took the opportunity to do a salsa set marking two years with CoBeatParty, a Facebook group comprising salsa DJs from around the world who streamed live DJ sets duing the COVID lockdowns. I'm really grateful to be involved in this fantastic community, both as a DJ and audience member.

So here's my one hour and twenty minutes of thanks marking the occasion. My track selection is from what you do not typically find on digital platforms.

It was an interesting challenge because I was streaming on cell data from a remote setting -- this meant the video connection and quality were not the best. And there were other issues, as it was the first time running a mobile setup from a solar-powered battery. Due to a hodgepodge of gear, the mic volume ended up too high.

Nonetheless, please enjoy. Click below to watch.


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