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'Azucar Friday' set, Taipei

My most recent live stream was an ad hoc experiment but still good fun: I streamed to a party in Taiwan from my sound room in Japan. Thanks to Calvin Wang and Tienyu Tai for their invitation and support in Taipei! Also thanks to everyone who tuned in on a moment's notice on MixCloud.

Video replay is available--probably for a limited time. Audio quality is decent at 320kbps. I played from a digital setup, so almost all songs were of the newish variety, and I mixed it up with both American and Cuban sounds--some heavy brass and funky piano riffs throughout, plus punchy bass courtesy of MixCloud's deep audio range.

A few rare unshazammable are tracks there, too, inluding a killer Japanese cover featuring Ken Morimura on piano. Closing the set is a song by ExCorde, who are residents of Kobe, Japan.

While the playlist is mostly salsa, there are a few cha chas chas and two bachatas. I was aiming for a restrained and accessible vibe for dancers at the early stage of a party. Click on the image to watch.


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