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WSR Marathon & Fundraising Event

This Saturday July 9th... The World Salsa Radio Marathon & Fundraiser is on!

The event coincides with the second anniversary of WSR and we are taking the opportunity to appeal for donations to help cover operating costs and royalties.

Running WSR amounts to quite a bit and all DJs are volunteers -- we provide a service based on the love and sharing of salsa across the world. Importantly, World Salsa Radio is an ad-free experience for listeners, but that also means we need to cover expenses ourselves. Please support us. Every little bit counts!

Note that the schedule is in Pacfic Time... (ET + 3 hrs / GMT + 7 hrs / CET + 9 hrs / JST + 16 hrs)

I am happy to be opening the marathon at 16:00 Japan time. (See below for international times). Tune in at any time to support us.

July 9 Sat

(00:00 PT / 03:00 ET / 07:00 GMT / 09:00 CET)

To listen and donate, use the same link: (the donation button is near the top of the page).

I hope you enjoy this DJ lineup and the full day of salsa on July 9th -- each member of the team has a unique style and program but all the DJs are united in sharing with listeners their love and knowledge of salsa.

Don't forget to check out the WSR schedule for a list of all the DJ shows. Thank you!


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