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Birthday Salsa Event

This coming Tuesday (April 5) is my birthday and I am celebrating with a FB live stream with 4 invited DJs:

  • DJ Dmitri (Jordan/Germany)

  • DJ Rem (France)

  • DJ Takeuchi081 (Japan)

  • DJ Tojo (Japan)

Angel's Birthday Salsa event

We will be fundraising for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)... Everyone is welcome to join the party. Donations are welcome via my donation page.

SCHEDULE (Tuesday, April 5 2022)

03:00-08:00 - Pacific

06:00-11:00 - Eastern

11:00-16:00 - United Kingdom

12:00-17:00 - Central Europe

19:00-00:00 - Japan

For more details, please see the Facebook event page.