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Angel Figueroa teaches English at a university near Tokyo, Japan. Areas of interest include EAP, CALL, and CLIL.

This website highlights his interests in deejaying and photography. 


As a music-lover, I find meaning and fulfillment from arranging soundscapes to engage audiences.


Whether for dancers or casual listeners, the thrill of programming and mixing a selection of music motivates me to further explore, share, and grow as a DJ.

My focus is salsa, but interests also include other types of Latin American music, as well as African music, electronica, and club jazz. 


With salsa I touch base with my Cuban roots--rich in history and rhythms--and aim to connect with dancers to help create a unique experience. 


  • See the DJ Page for schedule information, music charts, mixes, gallery photos, and details about my radio show (Encanto Tropical).


  • Check out the DJ Blog for news, posts about music, and more.


I've been deejaying for more than 20 years. Based in the Kanto area (Tokyo/Chiba) of Japan, I am available to spin music for a variety of event scenarios, with all the necessary gear. Contact me to discuss your ideas. 

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Part of my drive is to explore with photography the relationships among lines, shapes, space, and colour.


Several types of photography interest me. Instead of focusing on one particular subject area, I strive to find more reward, experience, and skill-development by pursuing different areas of interest.


One area is street photography, where I focus on people at decisive moments. Another area is a minimalist approach, where I highlight urban motifs with negative space and cropped subjects. I am also interested in architecture, especially with semi-abstraction. Nature photography with a focus on skies or mountains is yet another appeal for me.


My goal as a photographer is to make images which open the mind to compositional elements and to stir potential constructions of a narrative.


  • See the Foto Page for examples. Currently on display are feeds from Instagram accounts.

  • Check out the Foto Blog for news and current topics in photography.

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