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Vinyl Highlights, Ep. 6

From Benin comes this pachanga by Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, with amazing guitarwork and chilling vocals in “Vi E Lo”, a lamenting love song composed by Lohento Eskill (on vocals) featuring band leader Melome Clement (on saxophone and rhythm guitar), accompanied by Bernard Zoundegnon (lead guitar) and Bentho Gustavo (bass) among others. It is from another great compilation by the Analog Africa label.

This episode is part of a series of videos highlighting an interesting portion of a track from my vinyl collection--the focus is on Latin music. As a rule, videos are kept brief (approximately 1 minute). More can be found with the hashtag #VinylHighlights.

Original content is first posted on Instagram and then on YouTube in the playlist Vinyl Highlights by DJ Angel.


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