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Guest: Jan Reijnders on 'Encanto Tropical'

The next Encanto Tropical is Episode 8 on July 28th. Jan Reijnders is my guest — a musician, composer and producer based in the Netherlands. He has only been active for the last three years but during this time he has released several unique salsa tracks that have become very popular among DJs and dancers alike.

Encanto Tropical 08 (World Salsa Radio - DJ Angel Figueroa) with guest Jan Reijnders

Jan Reijnders is certainly a special success story in the making, and I am very pleased that he agreed to appear as a guest on Encanto Tropical. Tune in for his very interesting talk and, of course, his choice of three songs for the show. Throughout the two-hour set I will include several examples of his music.

Also included -- as in every episode of Encanto Tropical -- are the following spotlights which form the main part of the show.

  • New salsa releases

  • Latin music by Japanese artists

  • Covers of classic Cuban songs

These spotlights are preceeded by a 35 minute introductory session where I play a range of salsa material for your listening pleasure. Join us with great music and our special guest on Encanto Tropical (Episode 8) at World Salsa Radio!

7.28 2022 Thur

Encanto Tropical 8

21:00-23:00 (Tokyo)

05:00 PT | 08:00 ET | 12:00 GMT | 14:00 CET

To listen live, first click on the link above. Then create a username before clicking the play button and wait a few seconds for the show to load. Don't forget to say "hi" in the chat! (All episodes are also available for replay).


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